Dsc 30 Comparison Savannah SCHEEN vs Kaia TUPU SOUTH

There is a new generation of young female discus throwers emerging on the NZL scene . Among them we have picked the 2 best performers : Savannah SCHEEN 20 years (PB 54,48m) and Kaia TUPU SOUTH 19 years (PB 53,69m). They are completely different technically and this is quite interesting . Savannah has had an unusual path , starting with the walking events , then she moved to the throws with me and we tried for the hammer 49,02m (3kg) and the javelin 43,46m (500g) , but she was struggling, Then when I retired from elite coaching she went to Mike SCHOFIELD and with his help was lucky to finally find her right event : the discus throw ! . With a well adapted conditioning , the progresses were very fast (10m in 1 year from 2018 (37,99m) to 2019 (47,86m) and then 52,75m in 2020 (Ranking 8th U20 in the world) and now already 54,48m in 2021 , certainly looking now for throws over 58m before the end of the year ! Kaia TUPU SOUTH first started with the combined events but rapidly moved to focus on the throws under Walter GILL (Jacko GILL father) guidance. In 2020 she was 6th U20 in the world for the discus and 17th in the shot put . both girls should have competed in the 2020 U20 world champs if these had not been cancelled for Covid reasons. Now they are just left to compete against themselves (They cannot even go to Australia to challenge their usual rivals.) They may be still a bit young to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics (If these really happen) , so they have to be patient , keep training and improving and wait for better days . These documents will help the coaches and discus fans to pick the different technical points and understand that several ways lead to Rome …and to throw the discus . The best way being the one best fitted to the individual athlete : Available documents : 1- Tech 1 PDF 9 pages comparative commented study of a throw from the same view angle – 2-Vid 1 Video Analysis Savannah SCHEEN 3-Vid 2 Video Analysis Kaia TUPU SOUTH …

SCHEEN vs TUPU SOUTH Comparative analysis
Savannah SCHEEN 3 throws analysis
Kaia TUPU SOUTH Video analysis