Dsc 36 TOKYO 2020 Top 12 Discus Women final

The American Valarie ALLMAN was probably already everybody’s favorite before the competition started , and she was even more after the qualifications where her , on the paper rival , VAN KLINKEN did not even make it to the top 12 . The way to the top of the podium was cleared of most obstacles with the main question being to know if the long time world number 1 Sandra PERKOVIC was still able to throw close to her best level. She was not , doing her best at only 65,01m , short of any medal. The game was over after Valarie first throw at 68.98m -a good idea for any athlete to perform at the 1st attempt , it spares the nerves of the coach ! – The rain did not help with officials having to stop the ice skating competition after the 2nd round and wait for it to stop and resume throwing . The good new for Germany , (who had 3 girls in the top 9) was the silver medal won by Kristin PUDENZ , a full blocking thrower , with a PB 66.86m in her 5th attempt to beat the Cuban outsider Yaime PEREZ ,65.72m , who got the Bronze. Available documents : 1-Vid 1 Valarie ALLMAN 68.98m-X-X-64.76m-66.78m-X – 2- Vid 2 Kristin PUDENZ 63.07m-65.34m-64.35m-X-66.86m-X -3-Vid 3 Yaime PEREZ 65.72m-62.16m-63.20m-65.20m-X-X -4- Vid 4 Sandra PERKOVIC 62.53m-X-65.01m-X-X-63.23m -5- Vid 5 Liliana CA 62.31m-X and 63.93m-X-X- -6- Vid 6 Kamalpreet KAUR 61.62m-X-63.70m-X-61.37m-X

There was a clear performance drop after the 4th place and the 2nd part of the 12 participants to the final were rather throwing around the 60-62m zone. A relatively average level of performance for this sort of competition . You could make top 8 with 62m and 60m was the minimal mark . Available documents : 1– Vid 1 Shadae LAWRENCE 60.22m-62.12m-58.98m-59.46m-59.26m-X -2-Vid 2 Marike STEINACKER X-62.02m-X-X-60.10m-60.32m -3- Vid 3 Claudine VITA 60.70m-X-61.80m- 4- Vid 4 .Yang CHEN 61.57m-X–61.43m 5- Vid 5 Izabela Da SILVA 60.39m-X-59.56m – 6-Vid 6 Daisy OSAKUE 59.97m-X-X X

1 Valarie ALLMAN serie
2 PUDENZ serie
3 PEREZ serie
4 PERKOVIC serie
5 CA serie
6 KAUR serie
7 LAWRENCE serie