Dsc 39 Valarie ALLMAN the record after the GOLD documents

It is always a pleasure to watch Valarie ALLMAN in action and , a fortiori , to analyse her technique. She has undoubtly ”un petit quelque chose” which reconciliate yourself with some excesses of the women sport . Saying that , high performance is more that just measuring big distances but contains an aesthetic factor , like it HAS also to contain some human qualities other than aggressiveness and hyper development of egos. So far Valarie’s technique is concerned , the 1st thing to catch the coach’s eye , is her POSTURE , always upright and perfectly under control during all the phases of the throw . When you have a good POSTURE , you automatically have a good BALANCE , and when you have a good BALANCE , you can create and support SPEEDS …And when you can create and support SPEEDS , you can not only throw WELL but FAR and achieve PERFORMANCES ! The documents in this chapter are just showing that and to build a good technique , it is not necessary to look after such details like the position of this or that little finger but MANAGE the whole of the BODY IN MOTION in the space ! . Available documents : 1-Tech 4 PDF 10 pages 71,16m Technical Analysis – Photo sequence- Key positions- Comments -2-Vid 1 TV pictures 71,16m-68.80m -3- Vid 2 (Members) Video technical analysis with slow motion – freeze framing – points of interest .-4- Vid 3 Video technical analysis -Free SPECIMEN for visitors

ALLMAN 71.16m technical analysis
ALLMAN 71.16m Video analysis