Dsc 41 Etienne ROUSSEAU 58.29m World U20 champs qualifier

We are following on this blog the young Australian Etienne ROUSSEAU and very happy that he could make it to the Australia team standards for the next U20 world championships in CALI this year. Etienne got a new PB recently with a 58.29m throw. He came also 2nd at the Australian champs . Etienne is a ”distance coaching” experience and this is not an easy thing for him training in Perth (Australia) and for his coach supervising him from New Zealand . The instant feed back from a normal head to head session is impossible . The feed back is deleted to 24h and made on the videos taken during the sessions by Etienne’s mother . Lots of E mail are exchanged . The progresses are slowed …but it works so that Etienne can be seriously thinking about breaking the 60m dream line . A performance which would certainly be needed to be solid contender for the top 8 final in Cali and a great achievement for a young ambitious athlete. In the matter of nearly 2 years now , the new technical options are starting to work as can be seen in the documents provided . This is certainly a very exciting experience for everybody . Available documents so far 1-Tech 1 Technical Analysis Photo sequence Etienne ROUSSEAU 58.29m

Etienne ROUSSEAU 58.29m technical analysis