Dsc 42 Valarie ALLMAN strikes again ! 71.46m New US record Technical documents

Is there a perfect technique to throw the discus (or to throw any implement) ? . In the track and field several athletes have been recognized as having reached ”the perfect technique” …and several years later somebody else came and took the title of ”perfect technique” . Therefore we have to be cautious before asserting this or that . In fact , the ”perfect technique” if there must be one at all , is the technique which seems to fit perfectly with one particular athlete . There is no perfect technique ”one fits all” , there are indeed a lot of possible variations depending on the possible bio mechanical choices . In the discus , to start with , there are already 2 different ”schools” with those in favour of the full blocking delivery and those who are defending the ”jumping delivery” etc…etc… So , coming back now to Valarie ALLMAN , the Olympic champion has confirmed that she is the best thrower in the world since some 30 years . And if somebody , in the moment , could be said to have a ”perfect technique” , I would vote for her without any hesitation…As can be seen in the following documents : -1-(Members) Tech 1 PDF 3 pages Allman 71,46m technical analysis ”Postures and actions” -2- (Visitors) Tech 2 PDF 1 page (+2) Allman 71,46m technical analysis ”Postures and actions”

ALLMAN 71.46m photo sequence analysis