Dsc 44 Daniel STAHL 70.62m technical analysis

This is not just another document about Daniel STAHL , the current World and Olympic champion. Of course , when you are 2m tall and with a body weight of 155kg , it certainly does help you to produce ”solid” throws and some of them over 70m . But this could not happen without also a ”solid” technique . Nothing to do with ”technical tricks” or fancy moves , but good solid throwing bases which allow for efficiency and consistency in the performances . This is just what we are trying to show in the documents posted in this chapter. From the starting position to the delivery , it is easy to follow the succession of good postures at the key phases of the throw. The guideline is to check for the so called ”T” postures where the shoulders/arms line and the trunk and body line are building and maintaining perfect 90* angles . A warranty for the most favourable range of motion and transfer of forces . When dealing with a beginner this may be one of the most important (If not the most important ?) things to teach for the overall understanding of the specificity of this throwing event. So let’s take the ”T” with Daniel STAHL !!! …Taking the T’s , a simple approach for a good technique . Available documents : -1-tech 4 (Members) PDF 4 pages STAHL 70.62m tech analysis commented photo sequence -2-Tech 2 (Visitors) PDF 2 pages 50% of the previous document – 3- Vid 1 (registered visitors) STAHL 70.62m Video Analysis with slow mo and freeze framing.

STAHL 70.62m technical analysis
STAHL 70.62m video analysis