Dsc 51 Karmen Elizabeth MARITZ vs Kate HALLIE

For the non expert eyes , all discus throwers look to do the same thing and have the same technique. In fact there are a lot of differences . The individual technique being the end result of multiple bio mechanical choices and these choices depend on the specificity of the athlete (Morphology , overall fitness level , coordination , specific strength and , not the least of  it , the mental attitude toward a competitive event ). When an athlete changes coach , the problem is that the new coach may have other ideas and make other choices. That is normal but it can be quite disturbing and there is always a transition period to expect. It can also explain some stagnation or even regression until the ”new” technique starts to produce the expected better results. Unfortunately , sometimes it can also be quite destructive.

We have been following (and coaching) Karmen MARITZ during several years where she progressed constantly and could built herself a rather good , adapted and efficient technique….until she decided that it was not good enough for her. OK , this does happen in every coach career and it is part of the coaching ”game” as you cannot pretend to be the only one who knows everything better . So you swallow your pride and , from actor , you become a spectator. But it is impossible not to follow what is happening and sometimes it can be frustrating . In this comparative document between Karmen and her NZL usual opponent ,Kate HALLIE , (just one year older) , both girls are certainly no technical models but Kate who is more oriented toward shot put (PB 15.01m 3kg) seems to be a lot more comfortable than Karmen who is supposed to be more discus oriented. So far I am concerned,  I have mixed feelings on the choices made by Karmen and to be honest , I think that somewhere something has gone wrong .

It will be interesting for the ”discusholics” to compare this document with (See dsc 50 paragraph of this site) what is doing an even younger girl , Fernanda TIRADO , 14 years , who could easily throw over 40m …if she was not already a 50m hammer thrower …and a good hurdler . If there was a technical match , she would probably finish the winner !!!

Available documents : 1-PDF 7 pages comparative photo sequence analysis. 2-Comparative video slow mo , freeze framing , simultaneous etc…

MARITZ vs HALLIE technical comparison and match
MARITZ vs HALLIE Technical comparison