Dsc 52 Throwers from the Pacific Alex ROSE (Samoa) 69.41m and 70.39m

South Pacific islands people have certainly everything which is needed to become great world class throwers .They are strong , they are explosive , they have the warrior spirit . Unfortunately, and for these qualities, most of them become world class rugby players because there is no comparison between what athletics has to offer compared to rugby . Those who chose the much less lucrative and uncertain career of running after the hypothetic honour to get at medal at world champs or Olympics are a rarity . The Samoan born Alex ROSE is one of them . Since quite a few years he belongs to the world elite of the discus throwers but nearly nobody knows or even care about him. There are hundreds of well paid rugbymen in the professional teams  and thousands of young people in the schools who dream to wear one day an All black or any other country national jersey (as they often have to expatriate to get there). Alex ROSE has been already participating at 2 olympics and several world champs but when he will retire after 15 or 20 years of hard training , he will hardly have enough to make a decent living with his family. High performance sport is for money and business before performance. High performance throwing is for passion, personal achievement …and a bit of esteem and recognition from a few people … like those who will read these words !  Well done Alex , all the Pacific Islands people are proud of you .  (pict curtesyr of Caleb SEAL)

Available documents : 1- PDF 5 pages Alex ROSE 69.41 photo sequence technical analysis ….on the making 2- PDF 5 pages Alex ROSE 70.39m photo sequence technical analysis . 3-Original video 70.39m curtesy of caleb SEAL

ROSE Alex 69.41m tech analysis
ROSE Alex 70.31m technical analysis