Ham 01 Hammer COACHING with images

Coaches have to talk to their athletes , but it is not that easy . You may think that you have explained very well but at the end, for some reasons , the athlete has not understood or got it wrong. So, like in many other things and occasions : A GOOD IMAGE WILL BE BETTER THAN A LONG EXPLANATION The image will talk to the athlete better than the coach if it is well chosen. Nearly all coaches have their own ”talking images” . Here are some of them which have proved to be quite efficient and that I have found myself but , more often ,”stolen” from other coaches ! Then don’t be surprised if to throw your hammer you will have first to ”comb your hair” , ”go fly fishing” , ”shovel the sand” , ”have snake shoulders”, ”make rugby or volley ball passes”, or ”knock at the doors” etc… Everything will be alright , you will see. Document : Tech PDF 17 pages …Possible videos to come .

Hammer coaching with images