Ham 42 HAMMER COACHING : The tricky move from 3 to 4 turns

This is a question which will come at a time or another for all the hammer throwers and their coaches . One can think that adding one more turn is easy and will make you go faster , therefore throw further . But everybody knows that the men’s world record, 86.74m , is still hold by Yuri SEDYKH , a three turner …and that a large majority of the best world throwers are nevertheless using the 4 turns technique. This looks a bit disturbing . What should we go for ?

In fact , the question is not only about adding a turn to try to go faster and manage more or less successfully to finish the throw . That would be too easy !  Too simple appareances may be deceptive . There are other things which get into the game !

Available documents : 1-PDF 15 pages with comments , technical analysis and exercises  2-(on the making) video of some exercises.

4 turns technique , exercises , comments
Some exercises for 4 turns coaching