Ham 02 Yipsi MORENO technical model

Many hammer coaches are considering the Cuban champion as a technical model . Indeed she is and with Anita WLODARCZYK and Olga KUZENKOVA , she is one of my favorite throwers. I would nearly go so far than say that female hammer throwers throw better than most men. This can be discussed of course , and there could be reasons for this (Different rate between body weigh , implement weight and level of strength which make that women are not so much tempted to use strength as men ) .Anyways MORENO on this photo sequence PDF document of a 73,42m throw make a great display of the main technical guidelines of a good hammer throw : Posture all along the throw – Looking at the hammer – Catching the hammer as high as possible – ”Hanging” to the hammer at ”catch” -long pivoting – long shoulders and arms -Solid delivery etc…

The Cuban athlete (PB 76,62m) was certainly the world best female thrower in the beginning of the 2000 years .She got one Olympic and 3 world champion titles and multiple other international medals. With a body weight of 78kg for a size of 1,75m , she was certainly not a ”big” athlete. therefore her technique was excellent and she can definitely be a technical model for the hammer passionate. The document is a commented still picture at the critical moment of ”catching” the hammer. Keep your posture , look at the hammer and cross your right leg …this looks indeed so simple ! Additional document a video of a 73,94m throw taken at London 2012 OG qualifications

Moreno catching the hammer commented picture
MORENO 73.94m JO London 2012