Ham 04 Coaching session with Gilles DUPRAY French national coach

Gilles DUPRAY is still with 82,38m the French hammer throw record holder . Since he retired as a thrower and since French National Hammer coach Guy GUERIN also retired , Gilles has taken over the National coach job with some success as he is now coaching Alexandra TAVERNIER , one of the best female throwers in the world . During this session a few years ago in Obernai , he was coaching Stéphanie FALZON (PB 73,40m) and Olivia WALDET (PB 67,40m) . it is interesting to see the points he is especially focusing on with these two elite throwers who obviously have some postural problems . Exclusive document available Vid1 Training session with Stéphanie FALZON and Olivia WALDET

coaching session with Gille DUPRAY