Ham 11 Technical model Olga KUZENKOVA and the 6 phases of the throw

The six phases of the hammer throw are : 1-The Preparation phase (Getting into starting position) 2-The preliminary speed phase (Swings + Entry and left foot pivot) 3-The building momentum phase (Catching the hammer with the right leg) 4-The Transfer phase (Right foot pivot + Building Tensions) 5-The Delivery phase (Release) 6-The Recovery phase (maintain or regain balance) – Hammer throwers and coaches also often talk about ”Single support phase” and ”Double support phase” . The video document features former Olympic and World Champion Olga KUZENKOVA (PB 75,68m) who was also the first woman to break the 70m line. She has a typical ”Russian technique” …and that means she is GOOD !

Olga KUZENKOVA Kinogramme Dima sports
The 6 phases of the hammer throw with Olga KUZENKOVA