Ham 13 Hammer story Centaine NOOM DUCKWORTH

The debuts

Centaine , born 2002, had her first contact with the hammer throw at the end of 2017 at age 15 . Indeed she was more interested by the discus at the time. But progressively she was ”infected” by the hammer virus and learned how to manage , one turn , then 2 , then 3 and made regular progresses : 38,77m (3k) in 2017 , then 46,57m (3k) in 2018 , then 56,36m (3k) in 2019 at age 17 to become the best NZL girl at this age. The coaching process is well known : 1-Establish a proper relationship with the hammer 2-Learn first the posture at the key positions 3-Then get a proper foot work ….The 1st documents is a short movie at different stages of these debuts and show situations and faults which are common with all beginners and some drills used to correct them. The 2nd is a PDF with a technical analysis of her technique after just over one year practice. In 2020 she will move to the 4kg implement and we shall keep following her ”Hammer story”

2020 49,06m 4k PB

Adaptation and transfer from the 3kg to the 4kg implement is not that easy . In Centaine’s case we had to get back for a while to the 3 turns as her technique was obviously not good enough to manage the extra ”weight” and uneasy feeling of the heavier implement. Then , with more solid bases it was possible to progress again and this early season PB is clearly the proof . There are still a few things to improve but it is looking very good and the athlete is ready for the next stage : build and control MORE SPEED ! The 2 Documents are a video clip of the throw and a PDF photo sequence commented analysis . A good help for coaches and athletes interested in the hammer throw

NOOM DUCKWORTH Hammer 48.91m Tech analysis
Noom Duckworth 49.06m Technical analysis
Noom Duckworth 15.65m weight hammer analysis