Ham 15 Alexandra TAVERNIER (FRA) 74.94m Rec France Documents

Obviously a good technical throw for Alexandra , just out of the COVID lockdown . First a very good posture all along the turns with the trunk well upright. Then a good control of the high and low points . Good acceleration through the turns and good radius. Looseness of the arms and shoulders is OK as well. The catching positions are correct with the hammer at 90* to the right at right foot landing . They could be better if she would succeed to ”catch” her hammer a bit higher than the horizontal using a ”longer” left shoulder at this moment. The delivery , solid ans well balanced , is excellent ! One more record for the TAVERNIERS’S , an elite hammer throwing family is there was one and for the coach Gilles DUPRAY (The French hammer record holder) . But everybody already knows that Alexandra will not be satisfied with this . 75m is now the standard necessary to access any world podium ! It may even be a bit short and it is better to look for making a few holes in the field around 77m if you don’t want to stay on the grass when they call for the podium. Alexandra is certainly capable of that. ..she has already done it . He mastering of the technique has improved . We just need a bit of patience. it will come ! Available documents : 1-Tech4 PDF 7 pages commented photo sequence with comparison of key position. (Document made out of a video courtesy of ”dad” Christophe Tavernier -2-Vid1 Video analysis with slow motion and freeze framing of the record throw.

Tavernier 74.94m Rec France Tech analysis