Ham 17 Hammer bio mechanical documents

In this chapter we are going to collect documents (PDF or Videos) related to the hammer biomechanics , including biomechanical studies made at different international championships . Documents available : 1-TECH1 PDF by Malcolm FENTON Olympic 2012 London Men’s hammer report 2-TECH2 PDF by Malcolm FENTON Olympic 2012 London Women’s hammer report . (Malcom FENTON is national British coach for heavy throws) -3-TECH3 PDF 1 page Hammer kinetic energy compared to other throws and sports by Bingisser -4-VID 1 Biomechanical study world champs Rome 1987 with Gedsek 77m, Weiss 80,18m , Nikulin 80,18m , Sahner 80,58m , Haber 80,76m, Tamm 80,84m , Litvinov 83,06m excellent document of one of the best ever hammer competitions (Top 6 over 80m) with great views from the top.

Rome 1987 Bio mechanical study