Ham 18 Lauren BRUCE (NZL) 73.47m NZL record documents

WHAT A GREAT THROWING and a good surprise of a near completely unexpected New Zealand record in these pre Tokyo trials in Hastings on 19th august ! But the analysis in the following documents explains easily the 5m PB progress on this competition and the sudden break into the world best throwers. Her previous PB was 68,14m in February 2020 and she has improved by 10m since last year !!! . At this level this is extremely rare as people are usually improving by a few cm. Of course it certainly helps if you are coached but Tom WALSH coach , Dale STEVENSON ! If she succeeds to keep this technique with only very few things to improve and build progressively more confidence and more speed , then she is strong enough to produce and manage more forces and who could say where her limits are ? Available documents : 1- TECH 1 PDF 10 pages 73,57m throw photo sequence analysis -2- VID 1 (on the making – soon to be done) Video Analysis of the same throw (Original video courtesy from Dale Stevenson) -3- VID 2 – 67,18m Pb comparizon video from 15-02-2020 Hamilton

Lauren BRUCE 73.47m rec NZ Tech analysis
Lauren BRUCE 73.47m Video analysis