Ham 19 Leftie vs rightie :Lauren BRUCE vs Julia RATCLIFFE comparison

Coaching a left handed athlete is not so easy . You have to figure the space and body position quite differently. When I was in charge for the throws coaches education for the IAAF , I always asked the students in their final examination to be able to demonstrate decent imitations right or left in all the throwing events . Being able to do that forced them to be more conscious of the right positions and how to get there. In fact it is also a good idea for the athlete to have a few throws from time to time from the ”wrong” side. In this document, we compare the two best NZL women hammer throwers of the moment . Julia RATCLIFFE 73,55m, is the ”right handed ” and just regained her NZL record from Lauren BRUCE 73,47m the ” leftie”. The rivalry between these 2 girls is not finished and could get them to even longer throws in the 75m + area …the very top of the international ELITE. On the paper with still pictures , you need to have a real ”expert” eye to pick the differences in their techniques . There is more to be seen with the videos. Available documents (pending): -1- Tech 1 PDF 5 pages sample for visitors -2- Tech 2 PDF 10 pages (Full document) comparative technical analysis -3-Vid 1 Video Analysis Julia RATCLIFFE 73,40m and Lauren BRUCE 72,76m. comparizon

Bruce vs Ratcliffe technical comparison
Bruce vs Ratcliffe video comparison