Ham 21 Jasmine HE LING 15y Hammer experience

Jasmine HE LING is only 15 years old . She had had first a bit of javelin experience in Malaysia , her country of origin and wanted to become a javelin thrower after moving to NZL . But her initial performances were rather disappointing , reaching hardly 25m as she was obviously lacking of the specific javelin power. So she tried the hammer throw , a bit afraid from the apparent complexity of the event …and she found HER TRUE EVENT and established immediately a true relationship with this new implement. In a matter of 4-5 weeks she was able to do a decent 2 turns throw , then 3 turns . Now after 4 months she has really most of the key points of the technique under control , especially the posture (Upon which all the technique is built) , and the necessity to get speed into the hammer , not into the thrower. Of course , there are still a lot of things to work on before she can connect her turns together and manage more speed , but there is a deal with the coach that she will be able to throw at 50m before the end of the year . 50m in less than 12 months is quite an ambitious challenge …and would be a really impressive result before even turning 16 !!!! Available documents : -1-Tech 1 PDF 5 pages technical analysis -2-Vid 1 Video analysis with slow motion , freeze framing , key points of the throw -3- Vid 2 Hammer training exercises with Jasmine HE LING

HE LING Technical analysis
Hammer exercises with Jasmine HE LING