Ham 25 TOKYO 2020 Hammer women final top 12

We were expecting a battle between the American and the European . it did not happen as it was a near complete disaster for the American girls who were leading the world rankings . A collective failure quite inexplicable , which was unfortunately ”confirmed” later by the same thing happening in the men’s hammer . When one throws 5 to 7m under PB , there is something wrong somewhere …And when things go wrong in the hammer throw , they really go wrong , with a festival of ”no throws ”into the cage. The Polish women , at the opposite , did manage quite well their competition with Anita WLODARCZYK that people had been ”burying” too early, proving one more time her perfect mastery of the event. The Chinese WANG was finally her most dangerous opponent and her country mate Malwina KOPRON doubled the medal score for Poland by taking the best over the French outsider Alexandra TAVERNIER who may have been a bit too ”aggressive” in her approach. Available documents : 1-Vid 1 Anita WLODARCZYK X-76.01m-77.44m-78.48m-X-77,02m pending -2-Vid 2 Zheng WANG 73.21m-75.30m-X-71.09m-X-77.03m -3- Vid 3 Malwina KOPRON X-73.09m-X-74.11m-75.49m-74.59m -4-Vid 4 Alexandra TAVERNIER 73.54m-X-70.81m-72.64m-X-74.41m -5- Vid 5 Camryn ROGERS X-74.35m-X-X-71.14m-X – 6-Vid 6 Bianca GHELBER X-74.18m-70.32m-71.70m-X

That was quite a complete disaster for the American throwers who were leading the world rankings and all three in position of favorite or outsider . But all three were unexpectedly way down from their PBs (PRICE minus 7m , ANDERSEN 6m , BERRY 5m !) and they started an internal competition for the most throws into the cage. They finally finished in 8th,10th and 11th places , completely outclassed by the Polish girls WLODARCZYK 1st – KOPRON 3rd ,FIODOROW 7th. . The problem is that the same phenomenon also happened a few days later in the men’s hammer with another collective rout which is likely to raise questions and comments from some observers ! The New ZealanderJulia RATCLIFFE , in the opposite , did really well to defend her luck , missing the top 8 final by only 40cm and supplementing the early elimination of her team mate Lauren BRUCE who was a possible outsider. All together , that was a hammer final which did not reach the peaks when the bronze medal was available at 75m and access to top 8 at 73m. The Polish school , with 3 throwers in the top 8 and 2 on the podium , did exceptionally well ! Available documents : 1-Vid 1 Joanna FIODOROW X-73.09m-73.46m -X-73.83m-X- 2- Vid 2 Deanna PRICE X-72.87m-X-72.69m-X-73.09m -3-Julia RATCLIFFE 72.61m-72.69m-71.79m -4-Brooke ANDERSEN X-X -5-Gwen BERRY 67.66m-X-71.35m -6- Vid 6 Sarah FANTINI 67.55m-69.10m-67.91m

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