Ham 30 Quentin BIGOT vs Wojciech NOWICKI technical comparison

A true document for the hammer throw ”experts” . Not those that you too often meet on the web and which are boring you with explanations as obscure than peremptory , deducting capital consequences from the simple position of a little finger. Those for whom there only ONE ideal technique , the one of their favorite champion or of the reigning world champion. The true ”EXPERTS” have the minds and ideas a little more open and first try to observe , find the differences or similarities and then try to understand WHY this one does this and this other one does that…and what are their options in the key phases of the throw. Because not everybody throws alike , this is obvious ! and nevertheless some quite different people can achieve similar performances using different ways. The documents of this chapter compare 2 very different hammer throwers . The Frenchman Quentin BIGOT (1.78m 102kg) in his recent 80.14m PB throw , a relatively ”small” guy , and the Pole Wojciech NOWICKI , the Tokyo Olympics champion (1.96m 125kg) a very tall guy , doing a 79.90m throw the same day . We are using videos from the same angle (Thanks to P J VAZEL , Bigot’s coach, for the original clips) ) . Without coming to premature conclusions on what could be ”good” or ”bad” we just did try to compare these 2 throwers and find differences in their techniques. This is a bit like these games where you have to find the differences between 2 similar looking drawings and it is inviting you to quite a good coaching game After , everyone will be free to provide conclusions or give explanations , before even advising anything . The most important in coaching is to UNDERSTAND the technical system of each athlete before expressing any judgement because there is no ”one fits all ”technical system and if you want absolutely to use one , it will get you nowhere ! Available documents: -1-Tech 0 (visitors) PDF 6 pages out of 14 comparative commented study Photo sequences BIGOT et NOWICKI -2- Tech 4 (Members) PDF 14 pages full document comparative study BIGOT 80.14m – NOWICKI 79.90m -3-Vid 1 (Visitors) BIGOT 80.14m document video original (Courtesy JP Vazel) -4-Vid 2 (Visitors) NOWICKI 79.90m Document Video original (Courtesy J P Vazel) -5- Vid 3 (Members) Comparative video study BIGOT NOWICKI , simultaneous pictures , freeze framing , key points , slow mo . -6- Vid 4 (Visitors) 50% of Comparative video study BIGOT NOWICKI , simultaneous pictures , freeze framing , key points , slow mo …….Info last minute: 5 juin 2022 Chorzow : NOWICKI 81.58m BIGOT 80.55m RP

Bigot vs Nowicki comparative study
Bigot vs Nowicki video comparison