Ham 32 EUGENE 2022 World champ Hammer men final round per round

This was the best hammer competition and the best men world champs since quite a long time. Usually a 80m throw would settle the matter but this time it was not sufficient when 5 throwers bettered this mark ! In the 1st round it was the Frenchman Quentin BIGOT who took the lead with a solid 79.52m in front of HALASZ 79.12m and HENRIKSEN 78.89m with WINKLER not far away at 78.91m. 3 throwers passed the 80m line in the 2nd round with HENRIKSEN new leader at 80.87m , FAJDEK 2nd at 80.58m and NOWICKI 3rd at 80.03m . NOWICKI got for a short time in 1st place in the 3rd round with 81,03m but his team mate FAJDEK surpassed that with 81.98m when BIGOT  was short in spite of 80.24m and HALASZ also over 80m with 80.15m PB.  Rounds 4 , 5 and 6 did not see changes between the top contenders and the Poland double was confirmed , with FAJDEK winning another title from team mate NOWICKI and the Norvegian HENRISEN in 3rd.

Eugene 2022 Hammer Men fin 1st round
Eugene 2022 Hammer men round 2
Eugene 2022 Hammer men fin round 3
Eugene 2022 Hammer men fin Round 4
Eugene 2022 Hammer men fin round 5