Ham 37 Fernanda TIRADO Hammer and …Hurdles ! Why not ?

The good thing with young people is that they are afraid of nothing and that they want to try everything . This is sometimes leading to some rather ”curious” situations according the usual concepts about the ”incompatibility” between athletics events . Especially concerning the throwing events where most people believe that once you are a thrower you are hardly good for anything else. In our sport history there has been some ”out of these norms”  people , like Jean Pierre EGGER who happened to be a world class shot putter …and member of the national Swiss 4 x 100m relay team. There are other exemples . not many , as , the more you progress in performance in one event , the more you have to adapt yourself to the one event demands only ….But , but , but , there is another way of thinking which supports that the most important is to first build yourself  as an athlete , a ”complete” athlete . The ”truth” , if there is one , is probably somewhere in the middle of these extremes . And the answer may be different depending on the age and the development level of the athlete. Nevertheless I see only advantages if identified potential throwers are still doing other athletics events as long as possible . Usually throwers are quite good sprinters or jumpers , not really middle distance runners ! . It is more rare to combine ”technical” events . This Fernanda , after being also a good long and high jumper and a decent sprinter , came to the throwing events through the discus . And now , who could have predicted that she would be among the very best of the country in the 80m hurdles (PB 12”25) and in the …hammer throw (PB 49.59m) ! . But one thing is quite sure , there is no better exercise for young athletes than hurdles practice . It is not only good for developing your sprint speed , but excellent for your overall balance , posture , coordination , sense of rhythm ….and more precisely for the hammer throw , concerning the action of the free ”catching” leg and of the right foot at landing . By the ways,  hammer and hurdles are also cyclic activities with multi turns and multi clearances with the same objective to build the fastest connection between these turns or these clearances. Available documents : 1-Vid Fernanda winning the 80m hurdles at NZL  2023 champs  2-Fernanda 49.59m PB hammer throw  3-PDF technical analysis of the 49.59m hammer throw.

TIRADO Fernanda Hammer 49.59m technical analysis