Ham 36 Anthony vs Anthony 4, the NZL hammer war keep going on ! Nobilo 68.95m 7kg Barmes 20.53m Weight Ham

On the making

This ”war” is in fact a fair and positive rivalry between 2 young throwers . Both are separated by a few thousand kilometres and different seasons , but it does not prevent them to exchange missiles and prepare for the ”victory” of being the next NZL throwers to break the 70m line. With the 7kg ,Anthony NOBILO has successively reached 67.74m (26-11 Auckland), 68.25m (29-12 Auckland)  and 68.95m (14-01 Pakuranga) . Anthony BARMES is using a bigger caliber in the US winter season indoor competitions with the 15kg weight hammer sent successively at 18.90m (13-01-Lincoln), 19.31m (21-01-Ames) and 20.53m (04-02-Ames). As BARMES will moves to the 7kg only beginning April , NOBILO has now a 2 months time and all the end of the NZL summer season to score a ”winner” . He is so consistent over 67m that there must be a good one coming , only 1.05m to go !  BARMES has considerably improved his speed , strength and technique and certainly ready to get the last word , or rather the last and longest throw this year !

Our documents show some of the most recent performances of these 2 athletes in competition or training.

1-Video 1 Anthony NOBILO 68.95m PB  2-Video 2 Anthony BARMES Weight hammer 20.53m 20.55m  3-Anthony BARMES training throw 2023 technical analysis


Anthony BARMES training throw 2023 technical analysis
Anthony NOBILO 68.95m PB Pakuranga